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WorkShop 40x40 Layout 1 Concept

Stand alone workshop concept for the 3 acre layout … I’ll add more shop tools / equipment to the concept as I doodle them … Some components have been imported from my Solidworks doodles opposed to creating them again (tool boxes) … this becomes my little library of doodled tools / equipment to be used in future projects … doodle once, use many times … a continual work in process, rarely is anything complete … never enough tools, equipment or space… :sunglasses:

Workshop floor plan 40ft x 40ft = 1,600 sq ft. … concept is to scale … I generally use a scale of 1 inch = 1 foot or .083 to 1 with larger visual projects…

An additional Work Area will be adjacent to the wall with the steps heading out … room size will be 45ft x 45ft = 2,025 sq ft. = 9 :thinking:

Shapr3D - Solidworks - Affinity Photo

Final Pic Rendered with Solidworks

Note: The snap shots from Shapr3D are absolutely fantastic!!! :+1:t2:

It’s been so long since I doodled something in Solidworks, I’ll need to learn how to use the program again!!! Good thing I still render with Solidworks here and there … Use it or lose it…:flushed:

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Very cool. Lots of detail here. The detail on all the tool boxes, lather, drill press are all great. Brings lots of realism to the whole doodle.

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Thank You!!! I should emphasize, I can do so much better but my add (attention deficit disorder) takes over hence nothing is ever complete I doodle!!! :woozy_face::sunglasses: … squirrel…

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Based on your work, I believe it. I have the same issue, it’s why I have so many projects at once. I bounce around a lot but try to still finish them.