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Where did everyone go? Without users and content the site won't succeed


It seems everyone has disappeared and abandoned us here.

The site won’t succeed without the members visiting and posting. I’m hoping that maybe everyone got together and went on vacation. Because everyone disappeared at the same time.

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My apologies, I have been away on business and very distracted by it.

But I am back and will have some new content very shortly.


Hi Carl,

Thank you for the reply. Business has to come first for sure.

I am also starting to create some new content as I started a new project. And I am hoping to potentially finish up the Humanoid Robot that I created. I am going to take the board from another robot so that I can at least test the new one out and verify it works as designed. I am hoping to work on that one tomorrow if time allows.


Yes, sorry for the lack of updates. Sadly, have not been on holiday but got distracted by the day job.

I need to write up my K9 build.

I also need to dust off some of my other hardware & software projects


I fully understand. The job has to come first as well as family.

I am just in hopes we can attract more members which in turn brings more topics and projects. I really want this site to be successful.