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Wheelbarrow doodle 1

This is a quick wheelbarrow concept for fun and practice using Shapr3D … nothing formally in place … hence proportions and perspectives are probably off :joy: All components are eyeballed in place for reference only which makes the doodling much more fun and relaxing for me … it all starts with a sketch of a line or two and my limited imagination … :sunglasses:

The three programs I used for this wheelbarrow are Shapr3D, Affinity Photo and Solidworks … Those are the primary programs I use for doodling today … I’m also relatively new to the iPad, Shapr3D and Affinity Photo … I purchased my first iPad 04/07/18 and started with Shapr3D 11/20/18 … Most of my doodles are unorthodox :flushed: … I don’t save sketches and I don’t use multiple files and folders in Affinty or Shapr3D … my method / approach for this wheelbarrow could be totally different if I doodle another one … I’m probably not a good example on “how to” for using programs… :man_facepalming:t3::joy:

The render was achieved using Solidworks…

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Pretty cool doodle. I especially like the way the render looks. It is amazing to see a sketch come to life through the use of software, and then be able to visualize it through rendering.

Great work.

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Thank You!!! Yes, there’s nothing like seeing a sketch come to life when the rendering effects launch the realism … it’s always a compliment if someone ask, is that real? I’ll always be astonished by the tools we use today … bare in mind, I existed before computers!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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