Website Stats and Google Search


I wanted to share an update with the members on the website. We are now listed in the Google Search Engines. I have submitted the site several days ago and completed all the backend changes to the site that will improve the speed at which we get indexed.

Google has sent me a couple emails over the last few days and we have been getting hits. Almost all of them are Solidworks related. This is good news as we are getting placed in the searches. The bad news is that we are very limited on Solidworks Content at this time. I am trying to come of with ways to get content. If anyone has ideas on getting more Solidworks content please let me know, or if you are a Solidworks user and can share some content, that would benefit users and the site it would be appreciated.

I have also been monitoring the SMTP Mail Logs as this will show me whether or not people are attempting to sign up for the site and not receiving the email for account activation. The good news here is that all emails now are going through. I know Carl and Kevin had some issues with receiving the email, this was due to how their mail providers SPAM engines verify email that they receive. I found the issue that caused that and fixed that. All emails are going through now.

One of the things I am noticing is that the SPAM filters and SPAM Protections that are in place for this site are working. I have seen 39 email’s blocked from the sites activation process, this is partly due to the forum software and partly due to our mail servers and the SPAM Filters.

I am continuing to promote the site where I can. I am also hoping that the members can share the site when possible with others. Once we have a few more members Growth should happen automatically. It’s just getting the sites name out there and some content. It’s only been about 1 week not that we have been live. So we are off to a good start.

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing and helping others.


I’ll start promoting here soon myself … it’s been one thing after another here recently!!! Crazy how that works… :sunglasses:


Looking through the logs as I was curious, we went live on January 4, 2019. So its been 6 days. And on day 3 I accidentally managed to lose the site. So we could technically say we have been Live for 3 days.

Below is a bit of info on the domain. It shows that it is ours until 10/04/2025. Why am I showing this info? I want you to see that I am serious about this site. The Domain is paid for, for the next 6 years. The email Hosting account is also paid for 3 years and will be extended. The Webserver (a different host) is also paid for for 3 years. And the SMTP Server is free for up to 10000 emails per year and it auto bills if we go over.

We have 3 servers running this site at this time, and it is prepared to scale at the push of a button. So we should be able to handle growth.

This should shed light for anyone concerned if we are here to stay. I have a significant amount of time building the site and some funds tied up for it.

Now to get content and members.

Raw WHOIS Record

Registry Domain ID: 2063596227_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2025-10-04T15:28:34Z


Have just put the word out to my small, be dedicated band of fellow social robotics people and makers. I am hoping my friend Dave will join us, he is building a scale model of K9 from Doctor Who, powered by raspberry pi and with voice control.


Thank You very much for doing that. I greatly appreciate it as I am sure others will.

I know for certain I would love to see that project. I am working on a life size robot too. As well as one of the R2 Units from Star Wars. As time allows I plan on having a thread on what I have done so far and then followups to the progress. I have a good amount of video of the human like robot talking and moving its limbs.


I’d type a response to your project here but I’m actually stumped for words. :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Great projects. Can’t wait to hear about them. Is the humanoid based on the inmoov designs?


Yes this based off of the InMoov project. All the mechanics are pretty much the same.

Electronics are mostly different as I made some of my own boards. All simple by nature but we have to start somewhere, right.