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Toaster Oven Concpet

Doodled with Shapr3D … Renderd with Solidworks…

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This is really good work. It’s amazing what you can achieve with Shapr3D and an iPad Pro.

The rendering is exceptional. I wish solidworks would release a hobbyist license. There are so many that request this in the Solidworks forums among others. They are losing out on future customers. With the release of Fusion 360 and more recently Shapr3D? I’m not sure I understand why they don’t want to tap into that potential.

I would be the first in line for it as it would be my preferred software.

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Thank You!!! I now do the majority of my doodling on the iPad with Shapr3D and Affinity Photo … I do have Procreate but I haven’t used it as yet…

When Solidworks became available in the early 90’s, they were attractively priced and made an impressive impact in the industry.

It could very well be that Fusion 360, Shapr3D and others put the similar impact to Solidworks as they did starting out?

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