Robotics Hobbyist

Simple Ice Cube Tray

Here we have a simple Ice Cube Tray. The Ice Cube holes have a 10 degree angle and some fillets so that the cubes would pop right out. Tools used are mostly transform/move/copy/rotate shell and sweep. Rotate was used to get the angle on each of the cube holes.

This is a great example of where a pattern/array tool would be very handy. Since one doesn’t exist I used the transform/copy tool to copy the sketch.

Most tools used here are very basic. But the tool I was most interested in was the use of the sweep tool for a shape that wasn’t a circle. In this case I am referring to the lip around the Tray.

I got the idea from a YouTube Video I seen. This was modeled 100% with Shapr3D. Here are a few screenshots of it.