Self driving ducks


Anyone interesting in self-driving vehicle technology might be interested in Duckietown (

I have a duckietown vehicle and I’m currently putting some tracks together to start experimenting with it.


Are the Duckietown vehicles restricted to their design or is it open to other designs?


This is really cool. I am going to look further into this. I just watched this video on it.


I think if you want to participate in the official events you need to use vehicles meeting their spec (not sure though).

The vehicles are nothing special though: Raspberry Pi 3, Pi camera, motor controller and some LEDs so with a bit of effort you could probably use most of the materials with a custom vehicle if you wrote your own motor controller).


It would be fun to compete in one of the official AI-DO events :slight_smile:


Yeah it would, I wonder if there is a Duckietown organisation in the UK


Funny you should ask :grinning:
There are communities for different regions. There is one for the UK as a whole ( as well as England ( and ).

There are also a bunch of private communities for various universities. There are currently only 4 members of the England community including me :pensive:


We could of course campaign to boost the number of people in UK or England taking part…