SD Card Model - Shapr3D version 3.7


I was sitting in my recliner watching the news and reading the posts on Shapr3D BETA 3.7. I have the prod version and decided to give it a try. I’ve seen most of the bugs reported in the prod version. I also frequently had the app be non responsive to touch and have to close the app and reopen it to get it to respond. Then when trying to create a 2nd group it refused to allow it, closing the app and reopening it solved it. None of these issues existed in 3.6.3 which I used multiple times over the last week.

It also seems that the Beta Testers have or had no idea the app was already released as it still hasn’t been mentioned.

Here is the model I created during this testing.


I’m still hanging with the 3.6.3 version … I’ve not encountered any issues with the 3.6.3 version and I’ve doodled an array of things aggressively the last 2 months … Not only that, I like the version number… :crazy_face:


I wish I had kept 3.6.3 as well. But since I rarely use it anymore other than to play I guess it doesn’t matter to me much. I lost faith in the app. Too many unwanted changes as well as changes to fast without enough testing. A perfect example is this 3.7 BETA, people are still testing and finding bugs, but it was released 7 days ago with no mention of it to the BETA testers.

Today I see a reply stating that the Groups bug has a fix coming in the next release. I would like to have thought that the bugs reported would have been fixed in the release after 3.6.3 not after 3.7 is pushed to the public but still in BETA testing with bugs being reported. There should have been a publicly stated BETA Testing set of dates, then close the thread on the BETA when it is released. Then anything found bug wise, would get reported against the release version.

I have participated in very large BETA Testing by Microsoft and many Enterprise Software companies and never have any been done for such short periods of time and a release pushed before the BETA Testing is complete. I don’t have issues because of bugs because all software has them. It’s the process by which this is happening, and in the end the end the paying user suffers with bug ridden software. Many of the Shapr3D releases were excellent and minimal to no bugs, I don’t want to say it is all bad, because that isn’t true.

As much as I loved the App (I purchased 2 iPad Pro’s 12.9" and Pencils because of this App, I sold the 1st one when I gave up when version 3 was released. Then bought the latest for version 3.4 I believe it was) I don’t agree with how they push releases without enough testing. There isn’t even the same APP for everyone, they pushed a couple revisions which is so confusing to the users and people who wish to help.

I have to stop there, this was supposed to be about sharing my creation with a little report on the version I used.


I agree 100% with what you wrote … I’m now officially 3.7.0 … it was a surprise this morning … I now know it’s not a choice…

I’m noticing some issues folks have already posted on … adding group folders does not always work…

I’ll adjust to the new version as we do today with most software updates … simply going to the left of the screen for some tools is now on the right … that’s always a fun habit to break…

I would emphasize to anyone, backup, backup, backup … if my living depended on this program, I might reconsider my options. Plan B - C - D and so on…

I still think it’s an outstanding program … Anything at the infancy stage can experience growing pains … Folks need to be aware of that … We do not live in a perfect world and from what I’ve seen and read going back thousands of years, it’s not in the cards… :sunglasses:


Agree 100%. I’ve just decided to move on. I will continue to check it out from time to time to see how it’s progressing.

But I have Fusion 360 as my core CAD right now and just got Solidworks 2018, but it is significantly different than when I used it 6+ years ago, so I have to get used to it before it can be my primary CAD Application. When I last used it though I could barely model a square box so I guess even though it’s different my abilities with it are the same still.


Yes, I can see moving on and periodically checking in time to time … like I’ve written, everything works for my needs … folks that are getting into the more complex aspects of Shapr3D need to realize geometry has its limits with lofts, sweeps and so on especially with Solidworks … You do have options to open those boundaries but that’s another subject!!!

Congratulations on your acquisition of Solidworks!!! I think you’re going to really enjoy it!!! I have found it works great both directions with Shapr3D as in exporting and importing files back and forth … I have a myriad of projects started in solidworks I’m now importing to Shapr3D and working on them…

What’s even funnier to me, I’m considering loading Fusion 360 to familiarize myself with yet another cad program … I’m also checking out Blender and Maya…

All in Fun!!!


Well, I decided today after the 3.7 and 3.8 update that Shapr3D is no longer for me. All the changes just don’t work for me. It went from a simple clean app to a cluttered up app that now has redundant menus. It’s still missing simple things that have been requested many times and the communication to the paying customers/beta testers is not what it used to be. They still have the BETA 3.7 thread filled with bugs and people still reporting them, but no communication that 3.7 has already come and gone.

I had hoped that things would get better, but based on forum posts and reviews I see that do not appear to be. Some people are lucky and have minimal issues if any at all. I really liked 3.5.4 and 3.5.5 but it is so different from that now.

I sold my iPad Pro today, Apple Pencil and MacBook Pro. With that said there will be no further content from me for Shapr3D and anything I have done in the past will be imported into Solidworks or Fusion 360 assuming I have the STEP files.

I will stick with Windows and Linux.