R/C Helicopter project


Here we have some renders of all parts assembled now. This is of all modeled parts to date.


Here we have a short 3 second video exploding the view of the components of the tail control box that I have been working on. Basically it is to show how many parts are in a small part of the model.


Here we have a short 5 second video exploding the view of the components of the main rotor head that I have been working on. Basically it is to show how many parts are in a small part of the model.


I now have the tail rotor hub and grips modeled. They are in their approximate location. Here are a couple screenshots.


Here are a couple more renders. These may be the last ones for a bit. The project is at the end and has very little planned parts left.

I need to figure out how to model the canopy. I may add blades, both main and tail. And if I am anxious enough or there are enough requests, I may attempt to model the engine and exhaust pipe. I may also play around with some of the parts colors.


Mind boggling phenomenal work!!! Your tenacity is boundless!!!

Can Fusion 360 animate mechanical movement in real time? It’s been a while since I’ve created some animation in solidworks … it’s a great tool for clearance, interference and just overall viewing of the mechanics…


Thank you.

Yes Fusion 360 has this ability. My end goal is to bring this into Fusion 360 (already done). Create the assemblies and start testing those things. I would like to create an animation with this helicopter.

I am hoping to start on it soon. This is something I have no experience with so I will be learning as I go.

I really want Solidworks but I can’t justify the cost for a hobby.


Assemblies and animation are a whole new world you’ll enjoy … lots of patience required. You can really learn to hate computers at some levels while creating animation … animation especially for me is a lot of work … not uncommon to spend hours creating 30 seconds of animation and that’s being conservative depending on the complexity…


That’s what I assumed. The helicopter will likely be complex as there are many moving parts especially in the head.


Your helicopter is for sure complex on many levels… :sunglasses:

I might suggest sub assemblies to start…


I think your right. I was thinking about that a couple days ago. Doing it in small sections until I learn what’s needed.


Yes … you’ll get a good idea once you setup around 30 seconds of animation…

Another thought also … a rendered file and a raw file animate totally different hence movies are generally setup in the raw state…


Once the smokes settles some with all your setting up here … throw me a sub assembly and I’ll add some animation… :sunglasses:


So here is my first attempt at animation and assemblies. This is just assemblies defining the movements. The animation is just me manually moving the parts. But you can see they are linked.


You’re picking right up on it effortlessly!!! Way to go!!! :+1:t2:


I’m trying. LOL.

I did take your advice, I broke it up into smaller assemblies. Well this is actually the first that is an assembly. Now that I have the idea down I will attempt another one. Then I will try to combine them. That should be fun.


Very nice, now I really feel like I Need to get into 3D design lol


I’m with you Carl, now I need to step up my game seeing what I’m seeing with you all!!!


Thank You. I appreciate the feedback. I have lots to learn but plan on stepping things up. I have lots more to do to this model before its where I want it to be.


Hey, I’m 63 and was recently down shifting cruising at a blissfully moderate speed … I’m hoping my gearbox is still a 6 speed and I best start moving up from 3rd gear!!! :wink::wink::sunglasses: