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Modeling Condo Construction

So after playing around with creating a wall yesterday, I decided I would make a rough model of my condo. It will be 3 floors. The first floor where the garage is, is now all laid out appropriately for the rough build. I am working on the 2nd floor now. I thought I would share some images to show how Shapr3D handles construction of a home. I have a vast construction history, so that helps quite a bit. This model is not meant to be to code and is just a rough representation of a house from the framing point of view.

This is a rough design and may change as the model evolves. But it gives a really good example of what can be done. The only sketch created was that of a 1.5" x 3.5" rectangle to represent a stud. Once extruded, I used the transform and translate tools to move things around. And of course I used the extrude tool to enlarge or shrink parts as needed.

I should note that the 2 floors here are identical at the moment, it was easier to copy the entire floor and then modify the layout. I will share updated images as I finish up the second floor. There will be a third floor and a roof too.

I have modeled 3 floors, the first 2 are pretty much done. I am rendering a few images of this to see what it would look like and thought others may like to see as well. These were all modeled in Shapr3D and rendered in Fusion 360.

I didn’t put much time into the renders as I was just playing around, the renders could be better. Here’s the first render while I am working on a couple others. The render shows the bottom 2 floors only as the 3rd floor is one big open space at the this time.

I had some more time to work on this. All 3 floors now have all walls and closets modeled. I have also added 3/4” plywood flooring. I still need to model the deck, roof, strapping for Sheetrock and I am thinking of doing some basic appliances for a more realistic look.

I may input it into Fusion 360 to get a few renders of each floor.

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Using the project tool makes easy work of adding wallboard. Select all outside edges and the cutting it to size is a piece of cake. It’s been a very useful feature.

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Here are a couple more screenshots of the second floor and 3rd floor. Along with the project tool, the translate tool is very helpful now that I understand how to use it properly. I do still think the way it functioned before was much easier.

Added 4’ X 8’ x 3/4” plywood to each side. As you can see each sheet lines up to the center of a stud as they should. Heavy use of the transform/copy/move and project tools made this easy.

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There will be more to come, I haven’t had time to work on this between work and the holiday’s.

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I‘m again fascinated with how much of passion you‘re realizing your work …

And this forum is another proof of how closely the world moved together… I‘m seeing your designs and wonder why you don‘t use „standard“ brick-walls and realize that what I‘m considering building standard is just what I‘m used to here in Germany and standards vary widely all over the globe.

These are the moments when I humbly think about how much luck we have to have this opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with same minded people regardless where they live.

So, Dennis big kudos for creating this place

Sincerely Chris

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Thank You Chris. When I start something I am very passionate about it, and I tend to be vocal when needed (or when I feel its needed), I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I haven’t decided on the exterior for this model as of yet. I am trying to finish us some of the other models I started some time ago. So this is on the list of models to complete. I have to fix some issues with it then happened accidentally with Shapr3D. But I will get it sorted out.

This place was created due to a conversation between you and I. I had thoughts of it many times in the past as I already had the domain and was just blogging about my creations, but that only gave my point of view. After our discussion I moved full steam ahead to creating this place to allow others to share their work, creations, ideas, ask for help or give help. And in some cases maybe just browse the sight to see whats going on.

In any case, this site is for the members and I look forward to every post and/or creation. It doesn’t matter how simple or how advanced it is. They are all works of art and should be shared and enjoyed by all. Of course there is the exception to that when its for business,

Thanks for the input and compliments. I always welcome the input (good and bad) as well as compliments. I am looking forward to the things you share and bring to the community.