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Lip Synch Box Project

This is a silly little project but has been a lot of fun, and was developed to test an idea for a future lip synching anamatronic mouth. It is based upon an Instructable by SANUKI UDON and I put it together on a spare day over the Christmas break. I know this is not complex, and certainly not at the level of a lot of the work here, but it is fun.

The lip synch robot is really cheap to build, you’ll just need the following:
1 x Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 volt - Amazon - Had one in my bits box.
1 x 8x8 LED Matrix display - Amazon
1 x LM393 chip based Microphone board - Amazon

As my LED matrix was SPI based I had to change the wiring and code from the instructable a little. The SPI interface for the display is on pins 10, 11 and 12 (Just check the examples in the Arduino Library for the pin assignments) with the microphone on analog port 4. Power is via the USB cable as detailed in the orginal design.

The code was changed to support the SPI matrix and tweaked to get the performance working. This involved lengthening the interrupt timer to 10 milliseconds to allow the matrix to update correctly.

Once it was all tested and working (you may need to adjust the sentivity pot on the microphone board. It was all housed in a 3d printed box using double sided tape (I did say it was quick and dirty didn’t I?).

The STL file for the case is now on Thingiverse here.

The arduino code is here (829 Bytes)

The result is quite good and a lot opf fun: The video below is a recording of me mangling some Shakespeare played back on my phone, placed just behind the box, by the microphone.

I have also tried playing it audio books, which work very well. The next step is to replace the LED matrix with an anamatronic mouth!


These are some of the things that I wanted to see happen here. I know right now the members we have are on the higher end of the experience levels, but eventually we should have all levels here. And projects like these are great to get members started.

I also believe having things like this is likely to attract people to become members as they won’t feel so intimidated with some of the more advanced skill level things we are seeing.

I watched the video when it showed up in my notifications and commented right after. This really good work and was fun to watch.

Thanks for sharing.

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Great great work!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Hi Carl,
really inspiring work you present us…
I‘m sure we‘ll all see fascinating work developing here.

Cheers Chris