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LEGO like bricks and some dislikes with a suggestion

My Shapr3D Pro Subscription is about to end (5 or so weeks), I picked up a 3rd Gen 12.9” iPad Pro 256GB as I sold my 2nd Gen when I stopped using Shapr3D. So I have been playing around with it to see if I like any of the changes since I took a break from it, I have been using Fusion 360 for another project that I will be sharing shortly.

I got doodling and starting making LEGO like bricks. Some of the changes to Shapr3D are great and others leave room for improvement. Three come to mind right away. The first is rectangle type menu with the center, you can draw a rectangle from its center, but if you need to change its size it doesn’t split the difference from the center, very annoying. And the second thing I dislike and have since Shapr3D moved to version 3.x and that is the camera system, I can’t for the life of me get it to do what I want, the camera system in version 2.x was much better in my opinion. And the floating menus to each side constantly swap sides, the ability to lock them would be most welcomed, or the ability to choose a side in a menu rather than pinching/pulling would be better.

Anyways, I am considering a 2nd renewal (start of 3rd year with Shapr3D), but really disappointed that the price jumped from the $99 I originally paid to the $240 (which I paid as I didn’t have it set to auto renew) that it is now. This is still high for a hobbyist that does CAD for personal enjoyment and fun. Fusion 360 is full featured and I have had that free for many years now.

Here are a couple images of the LEGO like bricks. I am going to model some more of the common shapes and create a completed LEGO model (not sure of what yet).

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Great to see you back using Shapr3d!!! Your LEGO bricks look fantastic!!! Funny, I’ve considered doing exactly what you’re doing with the bricks but I get side tracked continuously.

I haven’t had a chance to really test out the latest changes with Shapr3D. I’ve always liked Shapr3D just the way it was when I first started using it so I’m not one to say one way or the other what I like or don’t. It’s a great tool for me to sit down on the iPad and doodle away. Shapr3D still does everything for me that I need as far as laying out concepts…

I look forward to seeing what you’re going to build with your LEGO bricks!!!

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I wanted to give the new Handles Update in Shapr3D a try so I modeled a couple more bricks. The handle feature is ok and works well, I can see it making things proficient but personally I like the old method better. But maybe I will get used to them. I really wish the camera function would go back to the old way. This is the one thing that has me not wanting to use Shapr3D.

Here we have a couple Roof Tile bricks.

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After several days of experimenting with the latest version as well as created 5 different workspaces, I have come to the conclusion that I will not be renewing Shapr3D going forward. My Pro Subscription will expire about the 3rd week of November.

I still cannot get the camera to function in a way that is useful. Version 2 of Shapr3D had the Camera System nailed down in my opinion. It worked as expected. If there is one feature that wrecks the experience for me it is the camera. The sad part is, that before I disappered from the Shapr3D community I received a Private Message from the Shapr Team (leaving nameless on purpose) and it was stated that I should wait just a little longer as the new camera would have some original functionality in it. If that happened I can’t see it, find it or feel it when I use the app.

The new handles feature is nice when it works, but I find that I am constantly creating more copies for no reason and then having to go back and delete copies and or re-do parts of my model.

The dimensions are all messed up. Creating a rectangle, Square or Triangle from center is simply 3 or 4 lines created at the same time. They have no relation to one another. If you try to grow the shape it does not grow from center as one would expect.

In short there are still far to many bugs in the APP for me to continue to pay $240 when it used to be $100 (I am rounding up here for simplicity). At $100 I was willing to be a PERMANENT BETA TESTER, as that is exactly what happens with each and every release since version 3 came about.

Many of the promised features that we asked for that were said to be coming soon, still haven’t come.

While the product is a huge leap forward in the CAD space and shows tremendous promise and met my needs almost entirely with Version 2, I can’t get myself to use it with that camera system and many of the other features that don’t work like they should. The simplicity of Version 2 rocked.

Time for me to get back to focusing on my projects with Fusion 360. I have delayed them while I experimented with Shapr3D’s latest version. I am in high hopes that they will eventually stop adding things to it that weren’t in need of a change and add the missing features and then make it rock solid without the constant introduction of bugs. The app costs far to much to be a constant beta tester.

Fusion 360 is FREE, has far more functionality including rendering, assemblies and other features all free if you don’t make more than $1000 per year with it. In my case, it is a hobby, something I do in my spare time for fun/relaxation/enjoyment.

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Sorry to read you’re not going to renew your Shapr3D going forward. I understand your frustrations. For my personal use, the camera works ok for me. I’ve doodled with Shapr3D so long now I guess I’ve grown accustom to a lot of its functions I see people not liking :joy: Not saying it’s right or wrong.

Yes, I have created more copy’s than I would like to with the new handles … I’m adjusting to that feature for sure. It’s hard to find sometimes when the copy is directly behind the original. I’ll click on bodies and the outline shows up behind the original.

As soon as I create a rectangle, I give the lines horizontal and vertical reference before I do anything else. Then I add dimensions and move the rectangle around if need be. It’s cumbersome but as soon as I’ve created a shape, I delete the sketch. There are no sketch files in any of my Shapr3D doodles. Splines tend to work the ole iPad a bit so again, I delete the sketch as soon as I’ve completed my solid.

I don’t know what to write about cost … I just spent $2,000.00 to replace a water heater and $2,500.00 into my car last week!!! When I look at the perspectives / comparisons, $240.00 becomes irrelevant considering what we get back? It’s crazy expensive to live in my neck of the woods!!! :flushed: I won’t even get into the grandkids what we / my wife spends!!! :joy:

I think feature projection dates can become late or discarded if the plan is not working out for the feature?

For me the experience of doodling on the iPad has put all my other computers on the shelf as far as 3D doodling and or artwork … For sure the iPhone and iPad have had a major impact with me and I would never have thought that!!!

Maybe as time moves forward you might reconsider Shapr3D as it evolves with changes good or bad … change for sure is not always easy with updates I’m regularly learning with programs!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Rock and Roll!!!

You certainly have some outrageously awesome projects in the works!!!

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I am almost certain with time that I will as I enjoy working on the iPad as well. But right now I get so frustrated when a feature works and works well, then a new update comes with a new feature or fix and all of a sudden the feature I was using with ease is either now broken or missing.

The program is awesome, I won’t try to take that away from it, and I would easily recommend it to someone who has no other options. I already have other options do to choices made before discovering Shapr3D, so for me I am just trying to stick with what works and is almost always the same each time I use it. I am sure if I think hard enough on Fusion 360, that something changed or went missing in one of the updates. And I for sure know that Solidworks went through some major changes from the earlier versions, I feel lost every time I try to use it. I’ve pretty much given up on it due to the learning curve all over again. Fusion 360 is working well for my needs at this time.

Thank you for the kind words. I am always working on them and try to post updates as I have them. Right now, the R2-D2 project is mostly gluing parts together, and preparing the next round of parts for 3D Printing, so hopefully I will have updates on that soon. And the Robot Arm project is now at a point I am learning to make it move and do things. I have a pretty strong end goal for it, and if it works well with the one arm, I am going to end up with a second one, I will print it and order electronics when that time comes. In the end I am hoping for it to have some sight and ability to think based on what it sees. I am trying not to give away the end goal just yet. But there are some clues in the videos I already shared.

Now, I am hoping that others will start sharing work as well, no matter the level. I still maintain the desire for the site to be geared towards everyone at every skill level for Robotics, CAD and 3D printing as well as all the areas that coincide with them.

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Yet again I have changed my mind on this. I am going to give it another year, so the renewal button is checked. I am going to try and complete some smaller projects with it, as well as try to add some basic help posts based on questions I see from various posts on Shapr3D abilities. I may revise the thread topic to cover the latest version of Shapr3D as threads is the number 1 topic on this site right now, it is bringing the most traffic and is ranked anywhere from 3rd - 5th on the Google results.

The first will be a homemade power supply from various parts you can purchase online and installed in a 3D Printed Case. I will create a project thread in the coming days. Parts should arrive in a couple days.

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Right right on…

I just doodled this one in Shapr3D … Nothing particular but a lot of fun!!! :sunglasses:

I need to scale up the pads and brackets… :joy:

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Excellent work as always. That is looking awesome. I love seeing your doodles. Hope to see more.

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Thank You very much!!! I’ll add some more doodles I’ve recently done and add them to your Shapr3D category…

Thank You again!!!

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Here is a simple 8 Bit Mario Character from the Original Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short).

I hope to do some more Lego creations with Shapr3D as time allows.

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Here we have a little more work with this. The last image is a screenshot showing 62 individually modeled bricks for each character.

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Here we have another retro video game character. Link from the original Legend of Zelda. The second screenshot shows that there are 84 individual modeled LEGO bricks to create this.

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Well as per usual I changed my mind again on Shapr3D. I am due to renew in a week and just hit the cancel button. As convenient as it is to use the iPad for some of the things I do, I just can’t get myself to justify the cost when I have Fusion360 for free. I have a laptop and desktop that handle everything I throw at it including rendering.

When Shapr3D was $99 it made sense to keep it going. However, when I forgot to renew the price increased to $240 by the time I renewed. There were exceptions for those who had it on Auto Renew so they got to keep the $99 price. I don’t like to keep things on auto renew for obvious reasons, so my slip up cost me nearly a 150% price increase.

Anyway, enough of that. Maybe I will change my mind again, but at this time I am planning on sticking with Fusion 360.