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Learn Robotics Programming by Danny Staple


This is more of a beginner book: " Learn Robotics Programming: Build and control autonomous robots using Raspberry Pi 3 and Python" by Danny Staple (amazon)

I’ve published a review on my blog

Danny is s friend of mine, so I’m not unbiased but his book would be suitable for a beginner to hardware and software.


So important to have books that don’t focus on a specific kit, but cover the basics in an easy to understand way. I will have to have a look at Danny’s book and see how it could fit into some of our educational projects.


Thanks for sharing this. This is very useful. With the vast quantity of books out there it is always good to hear about it from someone who read the book and knows the author. It also helps coming from someone who is also experienced in the topic. This is sure to help others.

I will need to read your review on your blog in full, I did quickly glance through it.

To help support your friend as well as to see if I can also gain some additional knowledge in the field as I am still relatively new to some areas I have went ahead and purchased the book. I will go through it as time allows.

Thanks again for sharing this, I find it important to have topics such as this.


The book just arrived. I am looking forward to going through it as time allows. Thanks again for sharing this.


Please share what you think of it