InMoov Project Part 8 - RGB NEO Ring Testing


Original Article Date: December 10, 2017

I have been experimenting with the AdaFruit Neo Ring as I want to use it on my InMoov Robot. Based on all the documentation it is recommended to add a capacitor and a couple resistors to prevent burnout from a sudden surge.

Below is a direct quote within the Sketch that AdaFruit provides for testing.

// IMPORTANT: To reduce NeoPixel burnout risk, add 1000 uF capacitor across
// pixel power leads, add 300 - 500 Ohm resistor on first pixel's data input
// and minimize distance between Arduino and first pixel. Avoid connecting
// on a live circuit...if you must, connect GND first.

Here is a picture of the breadboard I created to test with.

Here is a video showing the Neo Ring running the AdaFruit test code.

Now that I was able to test and verify the circuit, I wanted to have a professional board created and branded. After some time designing the layout here is what I came up with.

I have 12 of these being made from The software used to design the board is called Fritzing.

I will likely offer these for sale if someone is interested in them. I will likely be able to offer it as a loose kit or fully assembled kit. I have to get them first so that I can see the quality and test them.



NOTE: I am not the creator of this robot. The InMoov Robot was created by Gael Langevin, you can read more about it here:


Original Article Date: December 20, 2017

InMoov - Custom Neo Ring Circuit Board has arrived

As you may rememer from the above post, I designed a custom circuit board for connecting the Adafruit NeoPixel Ring to the Arduino based on the notes within the sketch stating that it is recommended to add a capacitor and a resistor to prevent damage to the LED’s from a power surge.

Today the boards arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. I immediately soldered the components on one of the boards so I could give it a test and see how it looks.

Below is a picture of the boards that I received as well as a picture of one of them all wired up. Also note, I have at least 10 extras that I am willing to sell if anyone has an interest in connecting one up to their Neo Pixel LED Ring. They don’t need to be used specifically for the InMoov Robot.


Here we have a second short video showing the NEO Pixel Ring installed and running a sequence that I was testing mostly to see how it would look.