InMoov Project Part 12 - Audio Output Design


Original Article Date: March 10, 2018

So I switched from Arduino (Never Started, just planned) to using EZ-B v4/2’s for my InMoov project as mentioned previously. During my search to get better sound I found out that you can Solder some wires before the AMP on the EZ-B’s and then send the sound to an AMP of your choosing.

So I purchased an AMP that can take 2 inputs and output them into a pair of speakers which I have mounted in the head of my InMoov. So I made a Y to allow the 2 outputs from the EZ-B’s to the Input on the AMP. However this created more wiring, and I am trying to create less if possible.

So I designed a small board that essentially simulates the Y I made but in a much smaller space and makes for a cleaner install. Once tested I sent it off to Germany to be made. I was pleased with the boards from Aisler so they got this order too. Eventually once I have this fully wired and designed I will likely create a one piece (if possible) circuit board to run the whole robot. The boards were designed and ordered on March 8, 2018 and received on March 21, 2018. The second image was added after they were received.

Here is a picture of the board as well as it wired to my InMoov.