InMoov Project Part 10 - Assembly Progress Update


Original Article Date: December 26, 2017

While I was waiting on parts to print I had to come up with a method to have the robot stand on its own. I ordered a Heavy Duty PA Speaker Stand from I had a Student License for Fusion 360 at the time and was just learning the basics of CAD. So with lots of practice and effort I was able to create an adapter that could go from the stand to the Robot, this was also 3D printed. You can see it in the image below, its the 2 large orange parts.

Over the past 1-2 weeks my focus has been on 3D Printing the arms. I started some of the assembly on the right arm as well. Below you can see the progress of this. I should have the arms mostly printed by the end of 12-27-17.

NOTE: I am not the creator of this robot. The InMoov Robot was created by Gael Langevin, you can read more about it here: