InMoov Project Part 1 - Head Assembly


Original Article Date: November 19, 2017

I finally started on the InMoov Robot I mentioned earlier on. I started by ordering much of the electronics, screws and so on.

While waiting for the electronics I started to print the parts to assemble the head structure. Below are some images of the head pieces loosely assembled. There is some fitting and filing that will be needed and will get done as the project progresses.

All white and black parts were printed with Makerbot PLA and on one of 2 Makerbot 3D printers. The printers used are the Makerbot Replicator Mini + and the Makerbot Replicator +.

The Orange parts used for the ears are printed on a Monoprice Mini Select v2. I am still experimenting with that printer, I have it printing nice but the layer adhesion is not as good as the Makebot. These parts are just test prints and will be later printed on the Makerbot printers.

NOTE: I am not the creator of this robot. The InMoov Robot was created by Gael Langevin, you can read more about it here: