InMoov "Finger Starter" 3D Printed Finger


Original Article Date: November 17, 2017

Recently I discovered the InMoov Robot and after watching many of the videos, reading as much as possible, I decided I would download the Finger Starter STL Files and give this a try as I have a servo that would work and I have an Arduino Uno waiting for the intended project that I have yet to start.

This was a really quick project once the Finger parts were printed. I had to go buy some fishing line for the tendons, I just bought some 80lb line for this as this is not meant to be used for anything other than to give this project a look.

After giving this a try (see video below), I have decided that I am going to move forward and build the InMoov Robot and use it to increase my Robotics knowledge. With some luck it will help me with the Humanoid Robot I am working on, and yes I am going to continue and finish the Humanoid.

NOTE: I am not the creator of this robot. The InMoov Robot was created by Gael Langevin, you can read more about it here:


Are you using Fusion 360 to generate the body parts? The face and body look fantastic!!! Those can be complex shapes to doodle!!!

Awesome work!!!


The InMoov Robot was created by Gael Langevin , you can read more about it here:

Gael Langevin did all the modeling on this project. He used Google SketchUp, I believe he used Version 7 or 8 when it was still Free.

He share all the files and how he assembled it. He also shares his programming which I did not use. I am using 2 of these EZB v4/2, they are linked together and have been modified to accept an external power amp for speech.

I should have more on all this shortly as I complete the postings. I am about 75% - 85% the way through the project.