InMoov Eyes Conversion


Continuing the discussion from Teensy based Animated Eyes:

After seeing the Teensy Animated Eyes post by @CarlC I needed a way to utilize the eyes in my InMoov project. See the link below for the build thread.

I immediately ordered all the needed parts to create the eyes. I am now working out the mounting mechanism so that they will mount in my InMoov’s head. Here are a couple images of my first rough drafts of the mount.

I am test printing the rough shape and size of the mount so I can test fit it in the head. It may end up with a slight radius so that I can bring the spheres of the eyes closer. No glue will be needed as I am making the eye inserts the same radius as the eyes so they will just press in, the be held by the TFT Screens and Mount.

Converting STL to Solid Body for editing with CAD

Here we have an updated version after several tries to get it to look good. It’s been difficult since the face was created as a mesh in SketchUp by someone else. Trying to get it to work this far has been a challenge.

I’m printing the parts now to see if I can get it all to fit as expected.


So I managed to get it all working as I hoped. I still need to play with the settings for the different eyes to see which will ultimately be used. But I figured how to mount it to the head.

Now I need to make some modifications so that the eye mask will fit back inside the head. I may just convert the face pieces to be 1 larger piece so that I can eliminate the mounting screws which will allow everything to sit the way it should.

Here is a quick video showing what I am attempting.


Very cool! Are you planning to share the STL files?


Thanks. Once I have it fully worked out I will share the STL files.

I’m currently printing a 2 piece head now, it’s about 50 hours of printing. I have just under 12 to go. Then I can clean it up and see if it all works as planned.

But once I have a working version I will most definitely share them.


Looks great, love the robot eye design too.


Thanks. I am still working on the the files to make this mountable. While I have it like you see in the pics, I had to do a good deal of dremel work to make it fit in the skull.

I want it to either bolt in or be printed in place then only the orbs and LCD’s have to be bolted. My print of the lower portion of the skull failed as it printed some of the supports solid to the skull, I am working through that issue now. The top portion of the skull printed perfect.

The STL files I am using as a base are here, when I have the modified files ready I will post them. I have not tested these files fully with my revision for the eyes yet.


I now have a majority of the head reprinted with acminimal parts count. I hope to have the rest later this evening or tomorrow sometime. Then I can test fit everything. If all goes well I will be sharing all STL Files for the conversion.

The major portion of the head seen below is only 2 pieces, originally it was 13 pieces. The updated Eye pieces are printing now along with the internal pieces. Both printers humming along.



Many of the internal parts are complete. I have 2 more to go, they will be about 3 more hours until completion. It will likely be tomorrow that I test fit them all. So far it is looking very promising. I think I have it all worked out. Which means I should be able to share the STL’s either Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I just want to fully assemble them before releasing them so that I am not putting out several revisions.


Here we have a couple more parts ready for testing. So far all is fitting well.

I am working on one more piece for the neck that needed some modification, it is the Articulating Neck Joint, it will fit as is but it rubs the skull during some movements. I am going to remove some material or possibly change the shape of it so that it fits without any rubbing. Then tomorrow if time allows I will fully assemble the new head and add it onto the InMoov Robot, if it goes as I expect then I will put together the STL files and share them on Thingiverse and post a link here.

This should allow the Teensy based Animated Eyes project to be incorporated with ease into the InMoov. Also modified was the holder that @CarlC created so that it can still use the TFT screens, but the mount has been fitted to mount onto the InMoov Eye Mask.


Its all 3D Printed, I have it test assembled and while most of it is OK, the mating of the top of the head to the bottom is not what I want to see. There is too large of a gap, this is a result of the person that designed it. I need to figure a way to close the gap before I will share files. I can’t purposely share something that I don’t like the way it looks. The ears are also not like the original mount, while they fit they are not optimal like prior.

So it’s back to the drawing board so to speak. I really want the eye piece to be part of the lower head so you can’t see the joint straight across the face. Do to this being a mesh I can’t join it like in solid modeling. I converted it to a solid model to make the changes I did but it can’t be joined. I will look into how I can manually stitch it and hopefully get that solved. The top of the head joint may prove to be an easier fix.

Here are a few images so you can at least see the progress. The Jaw is wired shut for now and held in place just for a visual. The eye parts that I modified to work with the eyes worked as expected, I am pretty happy with those.

The wires you see actually run up through the neck so you typically wouldn’t see them. I ran them up through but back down through the opening in the bottom of the head.


Here is an updated video since the changes were made. I still need to fix the gap in the head and setup the jaw motor.

I move to each side giving a shot of inside the head so you can see the room this added by removing the mechanical eyes. I use hot glue to mount the Arduino board to an open spot inside, there is room for the chip to expel heat, it is only glued at the edges. Also filled the breadboard with hot glue to prevent the small wires from breaking.


Everything looks fantastically awesome!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Absolutely great work all the way around!!!


Superb, that looks great and works really well.