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Humanoid Robot 3D Printable


Ok, so all the wiring looks like it may be good. It appears that when I designed the should mount I needed to have the holes in a 45-degree angle rather than a full 90. I had only 4 holes created limiting where I could position the arm. I just fixed the model to contain 8 holes allowing me to rotate it to the 45-degree mark. This should solve 1 of the 2 issues I am seeing. I haven’t identified where the second issue stems from just yet.

I am thinking it is the wrist joint that is likely causing this issue, I may need to make modifications to that one as well.

Both of these issue are likely fixable in the code. But my end goal was to make this 3D printable and someone with no coding experience could use the HR-OS1 code as a starting point. I am going to try to stick to that and modify the design as needed. Once I get it so that the robot can do its initialization pose without any issues then maybe I will start playing with the code some. But I wanted to make this easy for the beginner.

The initialization pose is basically just the robot standing up at full attention, with the arms in a rigid but relaxed position.


The first issue is solved. Here are a few test videos.


ITS ALIVE!!! looking good too.