Humanoid Robot 3D Printable


Thanks Carl. That Bioloid is cool, I hadn’t seen that one before. I will have to take a better look at it and see what it can do.

My Model is loosely based off of Trossen Robotics HR-OS1 platform. I actually purchased one October 2016. When I started modeling the Hexabot I decided that I would also try to model the HR-OS1 loosely to be 3D printable like I did with the Hexabot. But I didn’t want an exact clone.


Here we have the hip joints all printed. There is also a time-lapse video below.


Here they are all installed. Next up is the lower plate that holds the hip motors.


Here we have the lower hip plate and the 2 support braces.


I didn’t like the fitment of the servo motors on this one. I just finished fixing the model. I uploaded the updated STL, but now I have to wait to print it as the printer is buy with another print.


I received the new camera today, it came late evening. I was able to get one video complete, I will need to play around with lighting and positioning. But this is definitely a huge improvement in my opinion. This is the mount for the Servo Controller board, the Arbotix-Pro.

This part is printed out of order as I had to make some changes to the 2 parts that go before this. The changes are complete and I will print those in the AM.


I am currently assembling this model in Fusion 360 while parts are printing. I am also adding motion to the joints that will move. Here is a quick example of the movement it will have.

The end points are not final neither is any of the movement you currently see. This is purely as an example. I will hopefully animate it some once I have the assembly and motion joints created and linked.


Here are a few more images of the assembled printed parts.


Here we have the 2 electronics trays assembled. I will need to adjust the model for the Raspberry Pi mount. The white standoff holes need to be slightly larger.


Here are some more images of the assembly. It is moving along quite well. All parts seen are printed from the STL’s that I have shared over at Thingiverse.


Looking really great. Have you used an AX-18 in the legs or is it all AX-12As?


Thanks, All AX-12A’s. There is a total of 20 of them in this robot.


Wow very nice, if you have 20 servos in the unit I take it it has hip rotation? (Sorry silly question - I should just check the CAD designs, but I’ll ask it anyway)


Yes on the hip rotations. It has two servos for that. One above each leg.


Here we show that the standoffs are now installed. The white ones that are in previous pictures are M2.5 and not what I intended to use. The intent was to use M3 x 18 and M3 x 25 standoffs. I have them ordered but they are not scheduled to arrive for 4 more days.

I decided to print the ones I modeled. And after doing so I found that they were far stronger than I anticipated, so I will leave these installed.


The rest of the parts are printed. I will need to do some cleanup to them, but they are ready otherwise.

I also wired up the Arbotix Pro Motor Controller and the Raspberry Pi. I also have the legs wired to the Arbotix Pro as well as the shoulders and hip motors. Its moving along. Strong possibility that I will be testing tomorrow. Assuming I can get the code to run.


That look amazing, can’t wait to see it moving about.


After a few revisions (to the orange parts) to get the geometry correct to allow the head to move up and now like the robot is saying yes, I finally got it where it doesn’t bind and is nice and smooth. During all this I realized that I also add 2 different size holes for some of these parts. I also correct this so that where needed it uses M3 hardware and all holes are of the correct size. I also printed with threads (Fusion 360) the standoff in the control arms.

Last night I also installed the Linux Image with much of the robots code intact. I installed and configured the latest version of node.js, and all supporting libraries. I also fully updated the Linux OS to be using the latest of all installed packages. I haven’t tested it as of yet though. When complete I am going to make an image file of the MicroSD so that I will have a working version for cloning.

Now I can move onto the arms.


Here are 2 more images, this shows the Robot standing up along side a measuring tape so you can get a feel for how big this is. There is also 1/4" of dense foam stuck under the feet with 3M two faced tape, this gives the robot a non-slip surface that won’t scratch a floor.

As you can see it is just over 17 1/2" or just under 450 mm. This is a pretty large robot that actually has some weight to it.


The first arm is together and on. Its all wired too. Ignore the messy workspace as I have far too many projects going on all at once.

This one has a broken finger. It’s a poor design for then hands. I suspected this would happen when I created the STL files. I will think about creating some other hands at some point.

I have so many revision ideas now that I am assembling this. I have a feeling there will be a 2nd model with improvements.