Humanoid Robot 3D Printable


Now we have some basic hands modeled. Now to find time to finish printing it, assemble it, program it and hopefully it will walk.


I am in the process now of converting the one I modeled into STL files for 3D printing. I am probably going to start 3D printing tomorrow. This will allow me to physically test fit each piece.

I am also going to give Makerbot Tough PLA a try for this project as it is supposed to exhibit ABS like characteristics as far as strength. I am fairly certain I have enough of it for this project. But just in case I just ordered a couple extra spools. It’s always good to have extra.

Once I can prove the parts will function as designed I will be sharing the STL files so others can make one as well.


I have finished creating all the STL files and have my 3D Printer all loaded with Filament and files all generated. I will start the printing tomorrow. I also have more Tough PLA on the way just in case I need it.

I also decided to publish the files now as I am fairly confident that it should work as is. But please NOTE this is a work in progress and may change based on the results of the 3D Prints and electronics testing.

UPDATE: STL Files NOW AVAILABLE on Thingiverse. This is still in the test phase and the parts could change.


Here is the first batch of parts 3D printed. These are the hubs, hub washers and wire guids. These are needed for almost every step of the assembly so I printed enough for the model.

These were printed in regular Makerbot PLA as they don’t require the extra strength of the Tough PLA.


Looking really GOOD!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Here we have the head/neck parts printed in the same Orange PLA.


Looking absolutely fantastic!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Here is the color scheme I am shooting for.


Here we have some servo motor joiners and some servo adapters. More on the printer now, almost time to start on the gray parts.


The color scheme is great!!!

It’d be cool to see a time lapse video of the 3D printing? :crazy_face:



I agree on the time lapse video. It is something I have been meaning to set up but I have not done so as of yet. I haven’t done any research on what I need to do for that.


I just remembered that I set up a Print Server that could also create Time Lapse videos for one of my other 3D printers. It needed the printer to run as that is what triggered the video.

I think if I can create a dummy printer profile with dummy G-Code I can trick it to turning the camera on. If I can do this all I have to do is manually start it.

I am in the process of upgrading all the packages and will give it a try, it may not be this evening as its already getting late for me.


So here it is. This is a Raspberry Pi 3 with modified to accept a small fan to keep it cool. It runs a web server that I can get to via a browser. Then I can tell it to connect to a Virtual 3D Printer. I set it up to print an engine block, this would take 4.5 days to print, this will trick the camera into coming on and creating a time lapse video.

This is all theory at the moment as I haven’t tested it. I will test it in the AM. If it works then I will use it for tomorrows print which is 5 hours 25 minutes. I am not sure how long of a time lapse it will make but we shall see. I have a Logitech Web Cam that I have laying around configured to work with it. I have confirmed that I get an image. If this works, I will find a way to make this a better permanent setup. Everything is Jerry Rigged at the moment.


My first Time-Lapse video creation is in process. It will be 5-6 hours before it finishes, then I will check out the video and see if it is usable. The camera is not the best, I had never actually tested it before as I stopped using the printer that it was setup for.


Here are the feet all printed with MakerBot Tough PLA. I did get the time lapse video to work as I hoped. It’s not as good quality as I hoped so I ordered an HD Camera with a glass lens. Hopefully that will give better video.


The new camera has been ordered. It should be here tomorrow pending no delivery delays.

Here are the next parts (I am calling the Ankle Joints). We have both the Image and a Time Lapse Video.


Here we have several of the 3D Printed parts now assembled. These are the feel and ankles. The motors are installed as well as the wiring.


Here we have the knee joints now printed. Below there is also a time lapse video of them being printed.


Here we have the legs mostly assembled and wired now. I am out of printed parts. I will print more tomorrow. So far all parts are fitting as expected. I had a few minor issues with the orange parts, but I made the changes and updated the STL files and re-printed.


Looking great, it is somewhat similar to the Bioloid Humanoid (first picture), but I prefer your 3D printed parts, look a lot nicer.