Humanoid Robot 3D Printable


I was able to get a couple of the servo/motor models printed to test fit with the model as my actual motors won’t arrive for 3-4 more days. All holes and the physical size line up as expected. This will allow me to use these (if I wanted to) to build a still model for display purposes.


Here is another shot of the modeled/printed motors mated to a couple of the real ones. These are the only real ones I have not in use which is why I needed/wanted to print some for test fitting.

Below is a comment over at the Shapr3D Forums. I thought it would be good to share it here.


My Reply was as follows:

Thank You. As your aware I am just starting out, only 6-7 months of work at this level. I have some really cool (I think) ideas I want to bring to life. But I still have lots to learn with this software as well as lots more about the topic (Robitcs) that I am modeling.

Right now I am duplicating robots that exist for purchase, but I am adding my own styling/twist to them and making them 3D printable. I hope as I progress with the software as well as when the more advanced features arrive that I can bring my other ideas to life. Currently this wouldn’t be possible for me without the feature set that the current production version of Shapr3D has.

I am looking forward to seeing what the assemblies feature set will bring and how it will enhance my models. As mentioned in another post I am hoping to model an RC Helicopter (I used to fly and compete) but I truly think assemblies may be key to that. I am hoping to also make a short video showing some of the movement of the limbs (using screenshots and video software), but this is only a thought at this time.


I re-modeled the upper knee. The holes are now correct. I also refined the part a bit too.


Here we have all parts assembled with the new upper knee parts.


I just updated to version 2.2.6 and absolutely love the screenshot tool.

Here I have the servo joiners modeled. Here are a couple screenshots of the part as well as them in the assembly.


I’ve been working on the 3D Printing and test assembly to see if I have everything correct, or at least what I perceive to be correct. During this test fitting I noticed that I needed a way to hold back some wiring or it will be pinched at the joints.

Here is what I have come up with, it is nice and simple. I will print it tomorrow and test fit to see if it is enough.


Here are a few screenshots showing the location that these will be needed/installed.


I was able to test print the wire clamps and install one as a test to be sure it didn’t bind up in the knee movement. All worked as I hoped.


I just finished the last connecting part to join the actuator motor to the leg for the ankle and hip areas. You can see there is a spot for a M3 nut to recess on the back.


Here they are added to the assembly. Now I can go back to working on the hip plate, this will allow me to start modeling the housing (body) where the Raspberry Pi 3 with the Arbotix Pro motor controller board.


I received the Dynamixel AX-12A motor actuators today. I prepped them for the installation and started test fitting the parts with the actual motors.

Overall the parts are working/fitting as expected. I have a couple parts I will modify slightly to reduce friction and also allow for wire routing. Below are a few pictures of one of the legs mostly assembled and wired. Again, there will be some changes but part of the process for me is to model, print, test fit, modify, print and test again. And of course repeat as needed.


I haven’t abandoned this project. I have been experimenting with the beta (sorry can’t disclose it yet). With that said I will at some point in the near future continue to finish this project as I am anxious to see it come to life.

This time of the year I spend a lot of time riding my Harley so this comes after that. And after a recent mention of R/C Helicopters here in the forums I decided I would get back into it, so the last few days I spent assembling 4 kits I purchased, which took some of my time away from this. When the robot is finished I am strongly considering modeling a R/C Helicopter, this should be a challenge for me as there are a lot of parts and then to make it look assembled with Shapr3D should be fun.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing more as mentioned in the near future.


This project is in the works and I do have some more updates, I will share them soon.


So now that I was able to combine workspaces and locate parts (using translate tool) I was able to get the parts I modeled assembled.

Note: The Raspberry Pi model (small computer) is a freely downloadable model and was not created by me. Downloaded from here.


Here we have the shoulder and neck motor mounts all modeled. Now I can work on the head or the arms.


Here we have the mount that will allow the robot to move it’s head up and down as if it were saying yes.


Here is the rest of the head parts to allow side to side as well as up and down movements. I still have some work to do to get it all lined up. Next will be the arms.


Finally, I had a few moments to get some ideas down on how I want to attempt the shoulders and arms. As before these new parts are modeled with Shapr3D (3.6.3). These may or may not be part of the final design, it depends on how well they function once I have some time to print and test them.


Now we have the forearms modeled. Now I need to create a hand of some sort.