Humanoid Robot 3D Printable


So I have started a new project today that I have been wanting to do for some time. This one is will be another robot, however it will be a humanoid type. This will be similar to a robot kit you can buy from Trossen Robotics and will likely make use of the same electronics.

The goal of this is to make a robot that is 3D Printable that can be customized to our liking. I hope to have it fully skinned meaning it will have a shell and look more like a finished project. I have some of the electronics on hand and all the actuator motors have been ordered and should be here next week sometime.

You can see the actual HR-OS1 walking in the video below. I purchased this kit some time ago.

This project will have many resemblances of the HR-OS1 but it will be modeled fully in Shapr3D (Version 2.2.5) and 3D printed as I go. I will modify as many items as I can so that it is not a complete copy of the HR-OS1. The only thing I hope to use in this model is the program that was initially created for the robot kit. The program is open source so there are no copyright violations.

When I have this complete I will be sharing the STL files for others to be able to 3D print this as I did with the Hexabot project.

UPDATE: STL Files NOW AVAILABLE on Thingiverse. This is still in the test phase and the parts could change.

Interfacing a Rasperry Pi 3B to Arbotix-M Robocontroller

Here I have a rough model of the Dynamixel AX-12A servo which is what will be used for this project. This is only modeled in size and shape to help develop and model this in Shapr3D.


Here I have a rough model of what will be the right foot. There is still much to do here, but this is the initial starting point. I am now 3D printing this to test fit actual AX-12A actuators so that I can figure out how the actuators will mount to this foot.

I will be sharing many images of the parts and progress of this project as it seemed like many enjoyed watching the progress if the Hexabot.


Here I have modeled both feet and what I am calling the Ankle (4 actuator motors). These are early revisions and may change as the model progresses.


Here we have some Hub’s and Washer/Spacers for mounting the actuators to the frame pieces. I will place them in position soon.


We see here how these are installed to support the weight and spinning of the actuator motor. In theory I could model a mounting point and install bearings instead. But for this purpose these should suffice.


Here are a couple of the parts 3D Printed and assembled. I have a couple of the Actuator Motors so I was able to test fit one foot with the actual parts.

I think this is it for tonight, tomorrow I hope to model the lower leg.


Well the feet are a little to short height wise, roughly 6 mm. I will fix that and reprint. The motor actuators cannot move a full 90 degrees in either direction. I want that movement so the robot will not be limited.

I am also going to make some new hubs that don’t need spacers for the ankle’s. It will be much cleaner looking that way. You can see the new hubs in the images below.


I added 7 mm of height to the feet, moving the actuator motors up some. This should allow for a full 90 degree bend in either direction. This is overkill for movement but having the extra room allows for potentially more motion.

I am printing the parts on the 3D printer now as I want to test fit them before modeling the joint to connect the leg.


The parts have been re-printed and worked as expected. I can now start working on the next parts.


I modeled the lower knee join today. I am in the process of 3D Printing it to test clearances before moving on to the next piece. Here are a couple screenshots.


Here we have the next step in the model, this is the knee actuator motor.


Left and Right leg assembly.

Here we have the upper part of the knee and the lower part of the hip.

As a reminder, these are just the initial model images, I fully expect that this will change multiple times over the course of the design.


And now we have the base of the hip. Above the hip (waist) I will make places for all Linux Computer, Robotic Controller and the LiPo Battery. There will also be a couple more motor actuators there for rotation of the hip (actually legs).


I just realized that in order to rotate the hips I have to be able to mount the servos to the actuator motor. Here I show the holes that offer 8 possible positions with a minimum of 45 degrees offset for some variation.

Typically as seen with other parts of the model I only model 4 holes so that each part can be rotated 90 degrees as needed.


So I have rough modeled the lower hip plate. This plate still needs all the mounting holes but I wanted to share the progress so everyone can get an idea of what it is looking like. Below you can see both sides of this plate.


And here is the hip plate in place before the motor actuators and with them.


Today I realized I was having alignment issues with the motor actuators I made (yellow parts in the screenshots). These were made when I made the Hexabot and I just imported them into this model to save some time. However I am trying to be far more precise with the alignment.

So I modeled them again, but they are with square edges rather than chamfered as it makes it much easier to align things. I also added the bolt/screw pattern to the servo wheel and the body of the motor. This is a rough model for sizing and location purposes so I didn’t model it to fully represent the actual motor. But it has far more detail than the previous version.

I am in the process of re-aligning the model. I also have to re-model the upper part of the knee as I noticed the holes are not aligned properly in vertical position, which mis-aligns all 8 holes. Here are a couple of screen shots of the new motor actuator.


The model has now been aligned properly with the new motor actuator model. I still have to re-model one part and replace it as the holes were modeled incorrectly, but for visual purposes it works.

Here is a front and back screenshot of the legs.


Battery shape and size modeled. This might be a good location for it.