How to share Fusion 360 files with others


I often get asked the best way to collaborate on Fusion 360 files. Here’s a 10 min tutorial I made covering the difference between public links and adding collaborators (private access) to your Fusion 360 files.


Great video, very informational.

Do you have any videos on creating assemblies in Fusion 360 and then animating the assembly?

These would be very useful for me as I am about to start learning this in Fusion 360 to animate my R/C Helicopter.


Thanks, Dennis!

Your R/C Helicopter is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I do have a few assembly/animation videos. For your convenience, here they are:

Animation Workspace:

Exploded Animation:

How to Create Assemblies and Joints (for Beginners):




Thank You. And Thank you for the video links. I will take a look at them.


Excellent presentation on the joints and assemblies video (3rd Video). Seems very thought out and well explained.

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