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How do you practice using Shapr3D?

As the title suggests, I am curious how you spend time practicing with Shapr3D?

  • Do you sketch out plans for a model that you wish to create?
  • Do you just start doodling until something comes of your doodling?
  • Do you just wing it?
  • Do you have a source that you use for training (website, YouTube, other medium)?

Here are a few of the ways that I have come up with my models.

  1. I sit in my recliner and start doodling playing with the tools until I come up with an idea.
  2. I reverse engineer an item from images and give it my own twist, I did this for the Hexabot.
  3. I reverse engineer an object by measuring it with calipers, the R/C Helicopter I modeled was done this way.
  4. I like to watch YouTube videos, specifically ones for Fusion 360, Inventor, Solidworks and Shapr3D.

Now with the video method, I find this challenging most of the time. Because I mostly watch tutorials that use Desktop CAD Software that are more mature than Shapr3D. By this I mean they have been around for a long time and have had the time to develop many of the tools Shapr3D doesn’t have yet, and possibly may not. So far I have had great luck doing this. It has helped me to get creative with the way I use the tools in Shapr3D.

So let’s here some of the ways you practice. And please feel free to link to these resources if you can, it will help those of us that are new and likely help those who have experience too.

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This is a practice piece I recently doodled in Shapr3D…

I experiment with alternative methods to accomplish same results. Shapr3D is an awesome tool but still limited with some standard tooling that appears to be in development.

I did this quick doodle of a telescope specifically to use offset methods with a path of least resistance. Specifically the mounting brackets matching the contour of the main component of the telescope.

One tree, many branches… :sunglasses:

Anyhoooo it’s not something I will save so the group files are unnamed… :crazy_face:

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This is amazing work for just a doodle that your not going to save.

I can’t imagine what you can or will create when it’s more than just a doodle and something of value to you.

Keep up the great work. This is exactly the type of feedback I was looking to see here in this topic.

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Thank You very much!!!

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Early random miscellaneous doodles of shapes while trying out free version of Shapr3D

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I was doodling, practicing all sorts of things with the free version of Shapr3D :crazy_face:

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Awesome work on the stairs.

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Thank You!!! I have this odd obsession with stairs…:crazy_face::man_shrugging:t4:

I just like shapes period… :sunglasses:

I know someone else with that problem. :sunglasses:

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OMG!!! Beyond awesome!!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::joy:

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