Hello from Silicon Valley


I just came across this doodle I did moons ago in solidworks … From left to right in pics is Archimedes, Mr. Sir Isaac Newton, Mr. Michael Faraday and Mr. Nikola Tesla. I tend to put things in my picture posts that say something about me. These four gentlemen are very influential in my little world. :crazy_face:

I had a small manufacturing company for 20 years that employed up to 200 people at one time. It’s actually still in operation today under a different name and owners.

I was in the aftermarket industry for a bit designing and manufacturing billet parts for an array of markets but primarialy the ATV market…

I had a Martial Arts Studio for a bit…

Let’s see … I’ve been around the block a few times and amazed I’m still here considering the manner in which I treated this old body but here I shockingly type and sober 14 years come January 6th 8:05am🤪


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the intro and sharing. Love the work you have there.


Thank You very much!!!


Right back at ya!!! You’ve forced me to step up my game and I love it!!! What an awesome environment you’re setting up!!!