Hello from RoboticsHobbyist


Hello, I’m Dennis aka RoboticsHobbyist. Welcome to the RoboticsHobbyist forums.

I am the owner of www.RoboticsHobbyist.com the site that you are hopefully enjoying. I am new to the world of CAD (2 years in now). I have tried to get into CAD for many years now but had limited to no success until I stumbled onto Shapr3D early February of 2017. I have since then been addicted and have been increasing my knowledge and modeling abilities since. I have also been experimenting with Autodesk Fusion 360, mostly for the Rendering abilities. But I am also learning more and more about assemblies and Animation. Hoping to eventually do some basic animation to my models. I am mostly interested in the mechanical side of modeling.

I have been messing around with 3D printing for 6 or 7 years now. My experience with 3D printers is mostly with the Makerbot line of printers, I started out with a Makerbot Replicator 2. Now I have the Makerbot Replicator + and Makerbot Replicator Mini +.

As for Robotics, it has been a dream of mine to someday create a life size robot. Currently my modeling goal is to achieve this in the long haul. Maybe even work for a modeling company someday or with a Robotics company. My current work within the Robotics side of things is that I am building a robot name InMoov, designed by Gael Langevin. He has shared his work here for everyone to experience and build.

Here is an image of the one I am working on.

You can learn more about the InMoov project here: http://inmoov.fr/

Here is a story about how I got into 3D Modeling that was featured over at www.Shapr3D.com. My work has been inquired about from Apple back in June of 2017 for advertising reasons, it has appeared in several YouTube videos, online magazines and is frequently featured on Shapr3D’s Instagram page, Twitter Page and Facebook Page.

Why did I start these forums when there are many great forums out there? Well, originally I was running a blog to share my work and stories when I had them. But I noticed many people seemed to be more attracted to the forum style of communicating with others. While I was content with just updating my blog, I find it more interesting and rewarding to communicate and share with others. I am a very active member at the Shapr3D forums and intend to continue to be.

But I wanted a place to discuss more than Shapr3D. I wanted to discuss Robotics, other CAD Software and 3D printing. I also wanted a place that I wouldn’t offend the creator of a specific software if I chose to work with something else and talk about it. So rather than join a bunch more forums I figured I would start these forums. I have run forums in the past for myself and for a Professional R/C Helicopter Team. I slowly grew away from that hobby and attempted to sell my forums, but each time I came close the buyer backed out. I eventually dissolved the forums (which I hated to do) but I didn’t have time to keep up with the industry as the forums were quite busy and I couldn’t find anyone to take over, so I made the hard decision of just shutting them down. I need to focus on something that I am interested in and do on a daily basis. So here we are.

I am going to focus on Growing the forums and hopefully one day they will be active enough to say it was worth the time and effort. I believe they will as the technology that these forums are of and about is growing rapidly and so many people are getting into it.

Well, I have rambled on enough. If you have questions about me or my work please let me know.

I hope to see others take time to introduce themselves.


Here are some links that my Hexabot Project managed to make it into some news articles. Most are about Shapr3D but a couple are about me too. As a beginner at this I am flattered to see this many places that my 1st CAD project managed to get noticed.


Congratulations!!! Absolutely outstanding!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Thank you. Much appreciated.