Hello from London


Hi everyone!

LIke @CarlC I’m based in the UK and with him founded UKNAO, the developer organisation for NAO robots based in the UK. We organised a bunch of hackathons, meetup and a conference but with the declining number of NAO devs it would be good to be involved in a more general robotics community.

I don’t have as impressive a collection of robots as Carl, but like him, I’m a NAO developer:

I’m also working on upgrading a radio-controlled K9 toy to be more autonomous. I’m almost done with the hardware (powered by 2 Raspberry PI’s: one for motor control and camera and the other for audio input and output).

Not related to robotics but I’ve also been having fun with retro computing recently. I assembled this replica of a PDP-11 front panel and am getting to grips with running 1970s software on emulated PDP-11 hardware. I’ve got it hooked up with a 1990s vintage terminal here:

I’m more of a software engineer though and code in python, java, C#, javascript mostly at the moment. I’m spending a large chunk of my time on machine vision (with OpenCV) and machine learning (mostly with tensorflow).

I have a long-suffering family who puts up with my eccentricities including a wife who’s heavily into 3D printing as well as being a professional photographer.


Hello, welcome to the site and thanks for the intro.

I know I am looking forward to your projects and contribtions to the site and industry.

Coding is a big part of robotics that I believe is overlooked in the industry, especially by beginners like myself. I am sure that your contributions will be valuable.

@CarlC thank you for the referral to the site. Both of you have some amazing work. Looking forward to seeing what you will share with us here.



I’m just shaking my head here with the astonishing, extraordinarily, outrageously impressive things you all are doing and posting on this site.

Considering this is just the start of things, I wouldn’t even venture where this is all going…

Infinity and Beyond… :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Thanks for the welcome! :grinning:


Hi ,

Great to see you here and really looking forward to seeing K9 up and running