Hello from Germany


Dear fellow designers,

I‘d like to follow Dennis‘ request to introduce myself…

My name is Chris Deppe, I‘m a 3d-modeling newbie from Germany.

The main motivation for me is to be able to create my ideas with my Anycubic i3 mega (and a Prusa i3 mk3 in a few weeks). My focus is on astronomy accessories and practical things for every day life.

Design-wise I’m quite proficient in photo-retouching and visual-approaches. Traditional CAD programs have always been counter-intuitive to me, but I‘m trying to get accustomed to Shapr3D and Fusion360.
My coding-skills are a little bit rusted, but formal thinking and problem-analysis is still one of my stronger points.

O.k. that’s it for the moment from me.

Cheers Chris


Welcome to the forums Chris. Thanks for the intro.


Welcome Chris!!! I look forward to sharing our knowledges and experiences to advance or broaden our visions or missions or heck just have a great time!!! :frog:


Thanks for the kind words…

Nice to see that there‘s a growing number of knowledgeable men gathering here!

Cheers Chris

P.S.: For my fellow German readers - this was a gender-neutral statement… :slight_smile:


Yes, we must be politically correct today which I’m failing at miserably!!! Just ask my kids… :crazy_face: