Hello from Cambridge


Hello all. Like @thesocialrobot and @CarlC, I am with UKNAO where we’ve had some great events and meetups. I have been a bit out of the humanoid robotics scene as of late, but did just finish design verification for surgical robot, which was good fun.

My specialities are low level embedded systems / software and control systems.

I now live on a narrowboat, which offers endless opportunities for tweaking and improvement. I am currently working on a rather unique solar tracker design specifically for boats.


Welcome to the forums. Thank you for joining us. Looking forward to your input and contributions.

As you may know we are new here, but we hope to grow as members start posting content, and share the website with others.


Thank you for the warm welcome.

Is there any guidance on the scope/usage of the site or is it too early for this? I imagine my solar tracker would be suitable, for example? It will involve control systems and microprocessors and other robotey things.


I would say your right on track with your thoughts. Anything related to robotics, coding of such, 3D printing, CAD and basically anything related to the industry.

If you feel we need a specific category to better organize things or even if something in the site should need changing please let me know. My goal with this site is to bring like minded individuals together to share knowledge, ideas, help others and so on. I wanted a place to allow people to share there work and a place that can sort of act as a documentation of sorts.

Right now its early to see where we will end up. But my hopes are high. Currently no one holds an interest in the site except myself and the members, and I plan to keep it that way as long as possible if not always.

All reasonable suggestions are welcome as well as healthy criticism. I want this to be a place everyone who comes here feels welcome.


Good stuff. I’m all for leaving it unless it’s broken.



Hi Christie,

and welcome aboard…
I‘m responsible for low attitude noob-projects and nevertheless the others respect me :smile:

So I think that with your background you‘re enriching the crew.

CU Chris


Welcome to the forum!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses: