Greeting from the UK


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself and say a big ‘Hi’ to the like minded people here. It is great to have a new, developing community to be part of, learn from and share experiences with.

My name is Carl and I am a social robotics specialist in the UK, and run a small, boutique company developing social robotics applications on the SoftBank Robotics robot, Nao and Pepper. The applications range from commercial business applications such a product presentations through to educational applications on robotics such as Nao. My personal field is developing robotics applications to help teach communication skills to children on the autism spectrum. Nao and Pepper are shown below:

In my spare time I like to make things. I work primarily with Arduino boards but also have experience of the Intel Edison platform and the Raspberry Pie. I code in python, C++, Java, and C# (plus a bit of HTML and Javascript).

For fabrication I have three machines:

  • An Orion Delta 3d Printer
  • A Creality CR-10S 3d printer (I love that big build volume)
  • A K40 chinese laser cutter (40 watt).

I love to build robots and play with deep learning, my current robot stable includes: One integrated with Google Dialogflow and Houndify
2 x Nao robots (they are my personal ones, the oldest has just had his ninth birthday)
1 x MiRo robot pet
1 x Qihan Sanbot (Android based autonomous robot).

Current projects include:

  • A lip synching display using an LED matrix based upon, but slight different from, this project on Instructables -
  • Some fun animated eyes using colour TFT screen with sensors to get them to react to their environment.
    My big project is a new hexapod based upon the designs shared by RoboticsHobbyist on Thingiverse. I have changed it a little by lengthening the chassis and using commercial brackets but it is coming along well. More on that later, but here is where I am up to at the moment - it does walk (using the NUKE gait engine) but still needs some work.

I look forward to learning a lot from you all, I am a complete newbie to CAD and 3d modelling, sadly still stuck using Tinkercad for my designs. So I hope to be able to start to develop better skills by hearing from the 3d experts here.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s projects and sharing my own.



Welcome to the forums Carl. I am so glad we managed to meet up.

I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Hexabot creation. I have the thread here on how it came about if interested.


Hello Carl!!!

Awesome to see you on board!!! I have a personal affiliation with Alzheimer’s and Autism and would be beyond over the moon to assist in any requirements that come about with you all on this site…

I know you have come to the right place for sure and you will soon recognize the commitment and devotion I’ve wittneseed already…



Hi Carl,

I‘m really curious about your input here.

Thanks for your introduction.

Cheers Chris


Hi Carl, I am really interested in this machine. Any chance you can give us a write up on this in the Custom Rigs section of the site. Maybe a video of it in operation? I know @Romulus369 was looking into a laser cutter and when you mentioned it on Thingiverse back in early December 2018 I was very interested as well. Would love to learn more from someone who actually has one and is using it.


Yes, I’m interested in a laser cutter … I did come across this… :sunglasses:

I to would be interested in Carl’s opinion…


The K40 in the video is basically the same as mine, but every one is slightly different as the chinese seem to build them with what they have to hand, lol. For example mine has a clear window.

I have made some modifications to mine, primarily on the cutting bed and by adding air assist but I will put something together for the forum this week and let you see what I have done and how it works.



Thank You Carl!!!

The price is very reasonable for the results I’ve seen…


Yes they are incredibly good value. I just checked my ebay history and I paid £291 GBP for mine in May, 2017, although I noticed that they have gone up quite a lot on ebay now, in the order of double the price - that said, it is probably more to do with our weak pound than anything else.


Cool, looking forward to seeing it in action from a member here. I know that I absolutely love the results it gave you for the hexabot.


This video looks familiar, I may have come across it back in early December when Carl first showed me the Hexabot parts he cut with his. I was impressed to the point I started looking at these.


I personally like the idea of modeling with wood … specifically with bamboo if at all possible … fastest growing plant on our wonderful Mother Earth!!! :nerd_face:


I haven’t tried bamboo, but have done a lot with plywood. Just check out my post on the K40 and make sure you have air assist installed before you cut wood, or it can get very flamey!!!