Fusion 360 Assemblies and Joints



Very informative video for a beginner at assemblies and joints. That’s me here.

I noticed that there are several diffences in our version of Fusion 360. I just enabled the Preview UI thinking that may help but it don’t.

As built joint doesn’t exist for me. And the reset position option doesn’t seem to exist. So when I test move my joint manually the parts don’t reset to their starting point. So far I have been unable to figure this out.

How to share Fusion 360 files with others

After much trial and error, I found how to do it. But why is Fusion 360 so different? After moving the joins around you can right click on the join in the tree and then click Go to home.


Right on!!! Looking great for just starting out especially if your version of 360 is not in sync with demo?

I was waiting for Steve Perry to kick in!!! :sunglasses:


I had to go look at the video, you had me confused for a minute. I had no idea it was recording music too. I have Pandora.com open and I am listening to a station called Bon Jovi Radio, its playing a bunch of music from the 80’s and 90’s.


Too funny!!! Now you know how to add music to your animation videos!!! :sunglasses:


That’s strange. What version of Fusion 360 are you using?

Fusion 360 > About Fusion 360 > Version Number


Looks great!! :slight_smile:

Love the music in the background as well. I thought you intentionally added that until I read your comment about Pandora! haha


As far as I know this is the latest. It is not telling me there is a new version. I also tried the Preview UI and I can’t find it there.


That’s the same version I’m on… should be the latest. Not sure what the deal is. I am on Mac, but I didn’t think they had much of the UI different…only a few other quirks with keyboard shortcuts.


I also have a Mac. I will check it out later or tomorrow just in case.

I wanted to bring it up as others that follow you may have issues.


Here is a little update. I have taken the model helicopter apart and fixed any issues I have found, 19 so far. What you see is created as an assembly in Fusion 360. Only two moving parts here, but I forgot about them, LOL. So I have to fix their joints and set them as revolute vs. rigid.


Here we have the Clutch Bell, Starter Coupler and Main Gear Pinion animated.


Here we have the Main and Auto Gears now with the clutch bell.


So I just checked my MAC and it is the same version. I do see an as built joint. However I do not see the other icons. Maybe I have to create an assembly before they show up. But just opening it up it don’t exist.

The Windows Version seems to no longer have as built joint.


Here is another short video showing the basic movement of a servo wheel. I still need to do the remaining servos. I also need to set limits on the rotation, but it needs to be part of the larger assembly before I can do so.