DC Motor from magnets and a battery


I have a project where I plan to use a solar panel to power a motor, don’t know that it will work as I am still working on the concept.

To speed up the development time I have an adjustable power supply to app power rather than rely on the solar panel for now. It can also be run off batteries.

This was modeled and rendered in Fusion 360.

DISCLAIMER: The idea came from Dave Bodnar. I reached out to him and explained what I wanted to do. I asked for permission to use his idea. He had no issues with it.


So looking at the pictures you can see some of the parts. These are all rendered to look life like. Be sure to check out the video of the prototype in action.

The fidget spinner is a model that I did and added real bearings. Initially I purchased a couple from eBay but the bearings and tolerance were horrendous. I decided to model them and use high quality bearings.

The Coil is made from magnetic wire and wound on a plastic sewing machine bobbin. This was hand wound using a sewing machine. The small glass like item is a reed switch that closes every time a magnet passes over it allowing current to go through it. Looking at the spinner bearings you can see some red plus signs, these are magnets, they create the magnetic field as they pass the coil when power is applied.

In the video I had 6 AA batteries hooked up to it. But I also have a nice adjustable power supply that allowed me to vary the voltage which varied the speed.

This is still in the same state as you see here as I have to figure a way for it to move another part. I haven’t spent time on it lately as I have worked on other projects.


Very very intriguing!!!


I was recently dealing with an individual in Fresno, Ca that wants to take me to Laos for some water projects. Anyhoooo he built a very fascinating generator. My point has always been, what good is a generator without a source?

As usual, your work is an outstanding presentation and very well put together!!!