Coding robots - What is the preferred language


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So one of the things that comes to my mind frequently since I started down the path of Robotics is, how am I going to program these thing to get them to hopefully do what my intended design purpose is.

For this very specific reason, I have not fully designed my own robot and mimic those of others. I know that it is said that C++ and Python are the way to go. Today I ordered the C++ For Beginners 7th Edition and Python for Beginners From

So here is my question: What resources besides taking classes would you recommend to me or to anyone starting out in this vast field? Is there a specific online training, specific books or maybe even a YouTube content creator?

For starters I ordered a few books on the topic. I am looking to start with basic movements like seen in the video below.


Absolutely outstanding!!! I was seeing so many different personalities from Bruce Lee to Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson on and on and on … Amazing programming / performance!!!

Things are certainly progressing interestingly with robotics today. I watch how it’s made a fair amount. Talk about robotics and automation, as I human I’m beginning to feel a bit insignificant … ok, a lot insignificant!!! Mostly kidding…:sunglasses:

Great stuff!!! :+1:t2::nerd_face:


Thank You. Much of the programming is from Trossen Robotics. I am trying to learn it, but I have a long way to go. I am hoping for some input from more seasoned programmers.


I have no doubt you’ll have this mastered in a few hours!!! :sunglasses:


Well as you say, the majority of the development I am doing on robotics today is in one of 3 camps:

  • Python - especially on Raspberry Pi based devices
  • Arduino/C++ - anything that is using an Arduino board of any description
  • Android - more and more of the commercial robots we are developing on are using Android as their development platform

I would suggest your primary focus should be on the first two areas, python and Arduino/C++

With regards to resources:
Python - my favourite book for the newbie is Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim
Arduino - wow there is so much online to choose from - a good starting place for the basics is - as of December last year it has become a read only resource but it has a lot if info there.

Also keep an eye on instructables there is lots of stuff on there showing practical projects using arduino and python/raspberry pi

Hope that helps


Thank you for all this info. This confirms what I had been reading and assures me that I am headed in the right direction at least.

This will help me and I am sure it will be beneficial to others.


I forgot a really useful one:

Adafruit produce a lot of the sensor and breakout boards for the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. There learning respurc eis great if you need to know how their stuff works, or if you can find a project that address your particular area.